10+ Moments At Airports That Caused Such A Stir – People Couldn’t Help But Stare


Air travel can be either a complete breeze or an actual disaster, you never really know the way it’s going to be. These are the funniest moments that have happened in airports.


Being at the airport means to adjust. Adjust to the rules, adjust to delays, adapt to time changes, or adapt to a comfortable position of a long layover. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold so you need to be always prepared for the fly. Whatever the situation you should adjust to all sorts of bizarre situations

1.Getting Handsy

Awkward moment at airport #100108338. Obviously, this security guard was just doing her job, but it seems like her handsy maneuver was caught at the exact right time. We can’t help but wonder if she knew cameras were rolling when this routine security check went down.

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